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Children Support

Katanga's underprivileged kids deserve a shot at the royal game's magic. Let's make it happen.

Chess Training

Open to individuals and schools, our chess classes invite you to explore the wonders of chess. Sign up now and unleash your inner strategist!

Chess Materials

Learn from the best! Our beginner-friendly chess book and informative video tutorials make perfect companions for your chess journey.


2024 is a year of growth for our chess program! As more schools join our network, we’re making a bigger impact on building stronger minds through the power of chess.

We are chess pros

  • “Unleash the power of chess! We’re on a quest to impact lives, one move at a time. Play with us!” 

We provide friendly chess services

We are always looking forward to seeing more kids meet together. As they play their mental faculties are improved. they become better critical thinkers. Chess is a proven tool of critical thinking and focus. 

Social Media

It’s our joy to share what we learn with the world. There are many stories to tell and some of the ways to share is through social media. Pictures, video clips, books, songs and film are at the core of our academy. Lets roll!

Chess touches different lives in different ways


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